XM-01 Gator

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XM-01 Gator
General information
Date activeOct. 15th 2023-Present
Vehicle typeTest Vehicle
First test flightTBD

The XM-01 Gator is a modified AeroTech Barracuda rocket that uses a 29mm engine mount. Its intended purpose is to be a test vehicle for parachute testing and atmospheric tests.


These specifications are for the XM-01 Gator.

Vehicle Name Manufacturer Vehicle Length Diameter(Outer) Motor Mount Type Recovery System Fins Engine Compatibility
XM-01 Gator AeroTech, Modified by Fog City Rocketry SFSU 1420 mm 47 mm 29mm 2 Rip-Stop Nylon Parachutes (one for booster, one for payload bay) 4 AeroTech Fin-Lock fins Enerjet E20-4W, E30-4T, F44-4W, F67-6W, G74-6W, G74-9W, G80-10T rocket motors. And Aerotech equivalents.